gotta love working at that elementary school where i just draw clouds every week of my life.

Sometimes I think I might singlehandedly be the one keeping the post office alive, and it secretly not-so-secretly thrills me. Recently I mailed out some “art” things that almost have artistic leanings, and then I got real crazy and made some cards. I first saw the cards on Pinterest (which I am currently in a serious love relationship with) and then read a brief and really unnecessary synopsis here.

In the name of simplicity I’m just going to show you the step in pictures. Easy Peasy.

Supplies are fairly obvious and simple. Make some balloons.

make a little banner, celebrating whatever occasion your heart desires, for the inside.

(SIDENOTE: these little friends made some of the balloons pop-out...over-rated.)

glue stuff and write things.


Originally I decided I needed to make this for BFF Rachel’s Birthday, but then realized I could adapt it a little and make tons of cards. So I made one for Tori then made her unknowingly pose with it via ichat.

oh we're funny.


and thus begins ends my journey in card-making.

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