Dear October.

Dear Allison, sometimes you write letters on your blog, and I always love it. I’m copying you now, because I love you and because if ever there was going to be someone I would want to be like, it would be you.

Dear internship, you’re kind of just the best thing for me right now. thanks for being so full of learning opportunities.

Dear TN, you’re really pretty and all, but I need you to calm down with the air-born allergens. For real. Calm. Down.

Dear coffee, thanks for being the best addiction a girl could ever hope for.

Dear October, I like the climate you’re putting out. Let’s keep that going, ok?

Dear friends, I love you. Thanks for visiting, and calling, and writing, and making mix cds, and blogging, and reading my blog, and being the absolute best friends a girl could ever have. I’m unbelievably grateful for your existence.



1 thought on “Dear October.”

  1. Dear Jenna, I miss you more every day! I am glad you are enjoying life, but please come home and eat pumpkin spice kisses & drink pumpkin spice lattes with me! Love BFF Kimberly

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