Lubbock Love.

Ok, I don’t really love John Lubbock so much, but I do really love my latest project. I found this post here by the lovely Elsie, and amazingly enough found this crazy awful (free) thrifted painting…well print.

If you want the pretty and informational version of this, you should definitely go there. As for my version, I think the pictures speak for themselves (and they’re captioned too). So enjoy!


it needed some new background color. my indecisiveness paid off.
trash bags, fingers, and paint from sophomore year, hey cheap art.
mailbox letters from walmart and masking tape...easy peasy.
mmnnn. love this quote.
paint over everything with white and then peel the letters (they're even sticky after...yay reusable!)
hurray contrast! (also, peel the letters before it COMPLETELY dries or it peels)

well, i tried for 10 minutes to get the final product picture i loaded from my phone to move to the bottom, via my computer, but no, not happening, so i give up. you can still see it, so there.


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