Manchester, KY

This past week I got to go on my first mission trip with RHCC where we went to KY and worked with a ministry called Big Creek Missions. It was just the most wonderful group of people, and I think we got to experience some cool things together…I’m processing a lot still though, so I’m just going to share a few things I semi-blogged (in a stickies note on my computer) about while I was there.

One of the first days we were there I heard someone say this:

“I just can’t seem to wrap my mind around the fact that they would just not do anything. What does someone do when they don’t work or try to find somewhere to work all day? What are they doing with their lives?”

I don’t think she was necessarily wrong in asking this question. I think it’s one that could be answered in several ways, by some hastily and without understanding, and certainly by those in the situation,  with honesty.

However, it made me think of something.

Isn’t this case the same with most of us? We’re Christians with purpose and position in the kingdom, yet too often we waste away. Not seeking His glory, not desiring His name. We “do” things, sure; we’re a doing people and we can stay busy like nobody else. But when it comes to living to our potential, we so often, sit stagnantly, not doing anything. We don’t try anything. And we don’t even notice it.

How sad.

What a complete waste of who we are and what we have to never make a difference. To never live as though we are on mission for Christ. I hope that in reflection I can see God directing a willing child giving her all to His cause. I hope I’m living my faith.


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