2011, the recap.

I was reflecting the other day (before 2012 actually began) about 2011, and I thought that since it’s time for a new one, it might be fun to share some of my favorite moments of the year. I learned an awful lot in 2011, and the Lord was very gracious to teach me some very important things about Himself. I think I can say with confidence that I experienced lifechange, and I’m really just not sure what more I could ever ask for. So here they are, [A FEW OF] my most favorite moments of last year (in chronological order).

  • Meeting these people. This trip is another story in itself (eg a, b, c, d), but these people were such a blessing and this video still makes me tear up.
  • Seeing my mom at the airport after what felt like a forever’s worth of traveling back from Brazil. The older I get, the more I realize how unusual a mom like mine is. For someone to love you no matter what you say, and point you to Christ no matter when or where they or you are is unbelievable. She believes in me, and yes, 17 year old Jenna, she trusts you.
  • Being a part of this girl’s wedding. Holy cow, what an amazing time. It’s always joyful when a best friend gets married, but this wedding was a complete reflection of this couple and the legacy they’re already creating. These two have really taught me a lot, and being a part of their wedding really changed my life.
we love a good game of signs.
  • Meeting these people. I’ve never met such a large group of people so wholly devoted to God and loving people. They do life well, and I could call anyone of them at this moment and pick up where we left off with a hug and laughter. (also my site babies: here, here, here, etc.)
  • Creating my first Google Doc. It might sound trite, but it was one of the first things I got to create during my internship here at RHCC, and it was fun. I love learning new things, and in that moment when I got to learn something new and create something meaningful, it was affirmation. Plus, there are like a million bajillion cools things you can do with a Google Doc!

  • Seeing this girl graduate. It was the end of an age. We’ve been together since 5th grade, thick and oh so very thin, and yet there we both stood, done with a defining chapter in life. To see where the Lord has brought us and how He’s honored our obedience is just awe inspiring.

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