the strongest “marriage” conversation maybe ever.

So the other day at work I had the most ridiculous conversation with three of my sweet kindergartners. All girls as if the following conversation wouldn’t be enough proof. It all started because one of the 5 year olds kept talking about how one of the other 5 year olds was her boyfriend. It went like this:

Me: You’re too young for a boyfriend.

G: I’m SIX years old. (this stated with an eye roll so intense I’m still amazed it didn’t hurt her)

Me: Ok, well why do you need a boyfriend?

J: BEcause, we like boys.

Me: Well then what does that mean?

G: We have a friends and it’s a boy.

Me: So you have lots then?

J: Nooooo. A boyfriend is someone you’re gonna hafta marry.

S: I’m gonna marry my daddy even though he’s gonna be a grandpa when I’m old.


G: Yeah. Because he’ll be dead when you’re old.

[everyone shrugs and continues coloring pictures of tinkerbell]


and that friends is why i love my job.


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