it don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that swing.

it’s always so hard to figure out exactly what to blog about post-blog neglection. i mean, along the way i’ve had all these wonderful ideas and exciting possibilities, but since i woefully didn’t write any of them down, they’re lost somewhere in the back of my mind.

it’s also challenging because even if i could remember them i wouldn’t want to overwhelm you with weightier issues and thoughts (yes, i have them from time to time) when you would surely be unprepared due to my leaving you in solidarity for so long. so here’s where i’ll start. i’m going to give you a short list of some of my MOST favorite newly-ish discovered blogs and since almost all of them can be used as a segue into those unnamed “other things” i haven’t told you about recently, i think it’s a good plan.


it’s in all caps because it’s so awesome. my new friend anna (click her name for her blog) introduced me to it, and since i have committed to a slightly ambitious reading plan for the year, it’s phenomenal and perfect.

#2 bookmania.

i know two in a row is revealing my geek nature hard core, but this blog is just SO wonderful. inspiration galore and it’s not just words; they post pictures too, so now you have no excuse not to go.

#3 The Blog.

designer Jon Contino. his tumblr is fun, but his portfolio is where it’s at. it makes me drool. (click here to swoon alongside me) also i really love it when people put articles in front of words and thus create a definitive tone. fun.

#4 Nerd Boyfriend

they take fun pictures and literally show you how to dress like the nerds in them. it’s awesome! and there’s a girl version too. clever, clever.

i’ll stop there because 4 is my favorite number, and i also think that gives you pah-lenty to enjoy for now. i promise to come back soon and debrief the Lord of the Rings series with you since i finally processed through finishing it.


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