alright, already. we’ll all float on.


remember parachutes? remember how they were the coolest things ever? i’ve always been intrigued by them.

firstly because they seem so flimsy, so thin, so unreliable, but then people are so dependent on them and in action you realize they’re expansive, and sturdy, and maybe even the difference between life and death.

secondly, they’re whimsical; you fling one in the air and it’s a roof, a fort, a castle; it’s whatever you want it to be.

i think right now my life is at that place where you’ve got one hand on the parachute and half a mind to test it out. you’re not completely sure you believe it will do what you think it will do, but you’re pretty ready to be right or wrong…or just surprised.

i’m so excited for the new things coming this fall. new roommate, new apartment, new ministry opportunities, new (second) job, new Bible studies [clearly lots of material to rededicate my blog life with]. but there’s also a slight emotion somewhere there that i can’t quite place. i think it’s the unknown. [the “unknown” emotion to describe how i feel about the Unknown…ADJECTIVES, WHY YOU NO BE MY FRIEND?!]

i’m ready to throw the parachute up, but i’m curious to see if it’s going to float down majestically or crumple mid-air and slide to the ground faster than i can catch it. not that i mean that pessimistically, because i expect Phase Next in my life to be phenomenal, but i wonder how fast it will fly by or how smooth it will float.

guess we’ll see. together. thanks for reading, dearest.

kids still love a parachute today, by the way. if you want to see mile-wide grins and giggles galore, toss one of those gems in the air.


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