How Pinteresting

Pinterest changes lives. I’d first like to give you this link to an awesome article directed towards the heart of issues we women face. It’s a good one in my opinion, and in it she says stuff like, “Epic in scope, breathtaking in simplicity and utterly, hopelessly addictive, Pinterest actually represents a handy, online measuring stick where I can gauge my own effectiveness as a woman ” and then she talks about how her “own personal Pintervention involves heavy doses of grace and perspective along with a release from any expectation that I will ever actually attempt any of the projects that I so eagerly pin“. (And everything in between those quotes is really great too)
I’d second like to say that I love Pinterest. And I’m not intimidated by your homemade spinach quiche or hand-crafted book shelf, you domestic goddess, you. Pinterest is inspiring, and I like being inspired, so I’d say we’ve got a good thing going, ol’ Pinterest and I. I would however like some accountability. I’ve found these lovely things and decided I want to create some stuffs, but I need people to say, “ok, I hear you girl, and next week when I ask you how it turned out you had better respond with a picture”.
So in honor of Spring, (and the fact that I currently have a Christmas garland and a Valentine banner hanging in my living room) I need this to happen.
And then I’ve really been into printing lately, so I want to do this…ish, but without the weirdo letters ’cause I don’t love those, and maybe with a different object/placement/whatever.

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