life lessons.

You guys… i JUST found this draft…and since i wrote it 8 months ago, i decided to post it? oops.

Sometimes I forget that other people don’t actually live in my head; therefore, I forget that I have to sometimes give an audible voice to what all those other voices in my head have been saying. Buckle up.

If you’ve been with me, I regret that some of this will be repetitive, but this sweet little blog started as a means of pacifying madre with a means of communication as I traveled solo to Macedonia to do 10 days of missions my sophomore year of college. In college it was a means of clinging to all the wonder of the Victorians and newly found lifestyle blogs and friends living hundreds of miles away. Post-college it was just plain cathartic; I didn’t even care if not one other soul ever perused; it was mine.

This past year, it was hard. I rarely felt inspired. And in the few times I did, I struggled to communicate anything in a way that was satisfactory to my own expectations or really in a way that communicated anything at all. I wanted to blog. I wanted to love blogging. I wanted to love the freedom of pushing “publish”. But I didn’t. And I couldn’t. Sometimes life-change is hard.

I’m not really sorry for any of that. In fact, I don’t even think I’m sad about any of it. It’s not like I didn’t do things, meet people, or have fun, but I just felt so devoid of energy whenever the time came to write that I couldn’t. It’s unfortunate I suppose, but such is life. Moral of the story, don’t let life suck the creative energy from you- even if all you’re creating is mediocre updates for your mom and 4 friends who also blog.

And as a lovely little post-script tid-bit: I spent the last year interning at a church that I love claiming as my own with a supervisor/mentor who is brilliant and loves the Lord in all things. I read a lot. I met A LOT of people. And I experienced a little more of the fullness of God that comes from aligning your character with Jesus’.


One thought on “life lessons.

  1. What an encouragement- if we could all learn to focus our energy on aligning our characters with Christ. And then as dessert- be able to look back and see where He took us when we thought we were just struggling to get through the next day!! Look what you have done for the Lord- and as the song goes…. Look what the LORD has done!

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