This week, in brief.

Here’s my week in short. at some point, someone disagreed with me, to which my prompt response was:

because, I’m right. always. and then our district decided to shorten the school year 2 days because the snow hated us this winter and all. Consequently, we classified (which is way cooler a term if you think of it in spy world where it’s mysterious instead of in elementary school world where its like being trapped in caste system) employees get to choose whether or not we wanted to work those 2 days they cut while the real teachers do professional development. To this I promptly said:

And then later in the week this happened –Picture 4

and while my outside voice said “bhoujjheee”, my inside voice said

And then it was Friday and I was all

quite literally. which is probably why I’m widely accepted at an elementary school. and single. whatever world.

j out.



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