Heavy in Your Arms

Camp. It’s still the same ball game.

I’ve felt a lot of things recently, and I feel like I’m learning something, but it’s too soon to express just what. And I want to continue with the whole cutesy gif thing I started, but that seems unfitting currently.

I feel like I’ve been seeing more clearly a part of me I don’t love, but then the Lord is gracious in covering it in… grace. I had a high expectation for something that was not met anywhere near where I set that unrealistic bar. I was excited and optimistic about things that now I’m thinking was maybe displaced. And I’m tired.

But I do like the Lou. And I like having 5 day camp weeks.

(And I still hate being an adult. And contemplating the fall-future gives me hives.)

And I miss my very best friends because none of them are really within my reach at all right now.

But the new Mowgli’s album is ah-mazing. And I got a new phone for $9 yesterday, so it all evens out.

Promise I’ll be funny next time.

xoxo -j

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