It’s time. If you’re not up to speed on camp lingo, this will probably be a super lame waste of your time. If you are, then you’re about to get the fastest most accurate and thorough update of my summer.

This year, I am Program Director. A fact that when I told most people who know both Fuge and me got this reaction from them:

So basically what that means is that I manage stage/program elements. At first I felt a little like this about getting to run mornings and worships:

Then we finished training week, and my staff is great, and my leadership team is AMAZING (and supportive), so I started being more like this when people referenced me being PD:

I won’t even play, there was a learning curve for sure, but as I love learning new things, and organizing things, and music, and (theoretically) people, it was fun figuring it out! There have been a few curve balls though, so for discretion and the sake of being kosher, I will leave you to apply the thousand words each of these pictures/elements deserve:

When bands want 3 hours of rehearsal a day

When I have to control House Lights by Flipping Breakers (and also get staff to be on time/listen at any point ever)

When I’m in charge of Planning AND Running Mega Relay

When I have to repeat myself, which is pretty much all the time, every time I say anything, ever.

When the band asks for more rehearsal time after camp is in full swing even when they’re not on time for what they already have.

When I move, reconnect, loop, and test all my lights. And they work properly!

When the Sound Guys are on my side.


The Band saying they REALLY need like 3 hours to rehearse

So I guess at the end of the day, this is how I feel about being a PD. It’s cray, but I kind of love it.

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