Whelp. (Because that is the only appropriate semi-real word I can think to interject here.) I have a new job. Lots of new things actually. And to really do the picture justice, we should probably start with the new thing that came to my attention this summer. APPARENTLY (read that with all the teenage drama queen you can muster) I have a new spiritual gift. I feel like I need to preface this revelation with the strong assertion that I am NOT making this up; I actually took the test again per the request of RHCC; this is real life, otherwise those of you who know me in real life will doubt that I’m being a truth-teller. Two of my top three are unmoved and unshaken, but the third has gone rogue. ROGUE. I’m telling you, you age like 2 years, pay your own rent and ALL OF A SUDDEN you’re just SOOO gifted in administration, or as it’s known on the streets, “the boring gift”.

I say all of this tongue in cheek, however, because I kind of love that it’s now a “gift” I get to claim. And also, if I take inventory of recent seasons and events, I totally see its legitimacy. So, piggy-backing off that comes the newest, new thing (or the original, afore-mentioned new thing), my job. I’m now the front office manager at the Advanced Institute for Oral Health, and with only one afternoon of training under my belt, AM LOoooVING IT (sing that like Jim Carey, as any character he ever played). Details, and self-propelled tasks, and smiling all day long. Besides the mere fact that I just love my teeth so much more than the average person would ever dream of doing, this job fits.

It’s not really exactly like anything I’ve done before (neither was the thing before it or the thing before that), but I just really already see Providence at work. It never ceases to amaze me just how well I am provided for, mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, it’s so amazing. It’s a small office, with people who truly care about each other and about being happy. People who understand that if your job doesn’t stress you out, you’re ahead of the curve.

It took a while, but I think I’m getting to a place now where not only am I ok with not thinking linearly, but I’m also coming to an understanding where I can see that you’re not just exclusively allowed to/supposed to/should be encouraged to work somewhere doing what you’re most passionate about. I’m starting to think that’s just the most unfair lie us millennials have been fed. Culture has created so much misplaced pressure on not having any pressure at all that an entire generation is floundering in new ways the generation before them seemed to navigate fine.

I think it’s presumptuous to think you have to identify your passions, search out the perfect, socially conscious, politically correct, job that encapsulates them, and commit your everything to being successful there. I started feeling presumptuous just searching for that job. All I’m saying is, people in that position, great! Power  to you, congrats, but people who aren’t shouldn’t feel any…less. I was reading once, and of course found an article that perfectly worded these things I’m attempting to share now, but I took a picture of this one paragraph (click for article):

Picture 1

That’s it, friends. It’s ok to be somewhere that isn’t fighting for social justice moment-by-moment or floundering to pay bills because all their pennies are going to buy food for homeless people. It’s ok if you’re somewhere where you just stamp papers all day. Because at the end of the day, if what you’re Most Passionate  about is God’s glory, then you’ll be living that satisfied, fulfilled life no matter what you’re doing. And magically (if you will let me use that word) (and you have to, because, obviously.) you’ll start to see that you have more energy and gumption with which to engage in your passions.

That’s where I am, and I can’t wait to serve faithfully where He’s placed me as well as faithfully where I’ve chosen.

One thought on “J-O-B

  1. This is a good word Jenna. I have been bivocational for the vast majority of the time we have been planting Venture and I have often thought life would be so MUCH SIMPLER if I could just pastor our church and not have to worry about “making tents.” However, God has taught me exactly what you described and that is that the chief end of man isn’t to spend your efforts and time on just what you’re passionate about, but to be passionate about the fame and honor of Christ no matter what context we find ourselves in.

    I can do that working in real estate just as easily as I can leading staff meetings or writing sermons. Probably more effectively honestly, because it opens my sphere of influence to people who would never interact with our little community.

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