**Today I am wearing my most favorite shirt, and in honor of the occasion (and the pressure my friend Annie put on me to blog again) I am going to share some of my other favorite things. You can call this my gift to you, a get to know Jenna better event, or you can play “These are a few of my favorite things” in the background and start prepping for the Christmas Season, because Mariah Carey will be here before you know it.
Four is my favorite number, so here are four of my favorite things.
1. Pancakes. but i don’t like syrup. I would say that pancakes are a straight shot to my heart.mnnnn….actually i really just love breakfast in general. I could eat it every day and be content. I could do the same thing with Mexican food though.
2. Bobby Pins. i would so for real be lost and eternally depressed without them.
3. Turquoise. and Native Americans in general. i have this one friend, Bear Attack (that’s totally not his real name) and he’s a Native American and one time his mom made me this super awesome necklace; it wasn’t turquoise, but i liked it a lot.
4. the lowercase “i”. i think it’s the dot i like so much. maybe that’s why i so enjoy emphasizing dramatic textual pauses with periods.**
I didn’t feel like I could delete the post (because of its accuracy), but I did think maybe I should enhance it a little. So here are FOUR MORE THINGS I like a lot. Can you even catch the breath you lost when you got so excited and started hyperventilating with excitement?! (Sometimes I can literally feel the sarcasm escaping from my body)
1. popcorn. life goal? get popcorn added to the food pyramid.
2. children’s books. ESPECIALLY ones illustrated by Mary Blair. I mean, Disney’s whatever, but Blair, she’s a treasure.
3. Dramatic TV shows. I know, I know, you hate me now. Whatever, Revenge, Deception, Nashville, you tell me what happens before I watch and you will be dead to me.
4. The idea of running. I ran in college, loved it, but these days-wish I loved it more than ice cream or sleeping or anything really.
lamest post ever. you’re welcome for the insight?

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