the Mundane.

Last week during small groups, we discussed faithfulness. We also watched a few videos and one of them just really resonated with me and the things I’m doing and learning right now, so I wanted to share. You can watch the video here if you’d like (and I highly recommend that you do).

Basically in the briefest of summaries, he says, it shouldn’t be a surprise that most of our lives are an invitation to be faithful in the most basic, regular things. He’s talking about what it looks like to be faithful in the mundane, to love and live and glorify even if all we do is live life…normally.

Now I’ve shared what I’m learning about what it looks like to love God where you are, to not always look for the “big” thing that brings the “most” glory, and yes, it is a hard lesson to walk through. Even in the last week I had to make a decision about joining an awesome team that’s going to be doing great outreach things in a new area with a new/different population or staying with an awesome team that’s reaching people where they are and doing great things in teaching what it looks like to keep going and dig deep. I caught myself in the midst of that hard decision thinking, “but where will God get the most glory”? And that’s a slippery slope, because here’s the thing, he doesn’t need me, all the glory is already his, and my part is done when I’m where I’m supposed to be, not because I align myself to something that I’ve rationalized will logically get more glory than some other thing. It’s not fair to analyze glory getting and giving, you know?

All of that to say, I’m still in that cyclical motion of failing to remember/teaching myself/remembering that it is OK to be faithful where you are. And it is beautiful to be faithful in the mundane things of life. I don’t want to be the person who’s remembered for doing huge awesome, catalyst starting things, I want to be the person who shows up when they’re supposed to, picks up trash just because I saw it, and smiles because I can. I want to be remembered for my integrity and consistency, and how else can you even begin to do that than by investing in the mundane details, day in, and day out?

I’d argue that you can’t.

My favorite part of small group last week was that when we talked about which video resonated most with what we were learning at this stage of our journeys, 3/4 of a diverse group chose this video. And we were able to relate this basic concept of beauty and fulfillment to multiple situations/stages of life. I’ll leave you with this quote, because this is the invitation I think we all want to say yes to.

“Our lives are unimpressive, basically uninteresting. Most of the things that all of us do are undramatic. And if we can’t live beautifully into that, then the opportunities we have for the very exciting things are wasted on us. I think there’s a beautiful invitation in the undramatic, also the contemplative.”

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