1,000 Words.

Yeah, yeah selfies are the worst. Whatever. (Is it still a selfie if your camera takes the picture by itself) Β No matter. Recently one of my best friends moved to Nashville and now we live together and it’s wonderful. She decided to document this year with a picture of us every week so that we can see how we change over the next year, and I think it’s fabulous. In the spirit of this commitment we have a shared photo stream full of pictures of us. It’s outrageous. And it’s a picture of redemption for me.

You see a few years ago I tried to use the “A Picture a Day” app where you take one picture every day and the app chronicled your life for you. Unfortunately I only did it for about a month, and then deleted it because of its utter pointlessness. At the time I was living in forced community with a very unkind and un-accepting group of girls. At first there were some pictures of laughing and silliness, then there were a lot of pictures of inanimate objects, and before long there were weeks of skipped photos. Because I didn’t care. There wasn’t anything I wanted to take a picture of. I didn’t want to remember what every single day of my life felt like. I had nothing.

But now I regularly delete photos from my phone because there are so many. I don’t regret that period of my life because there were a lot of character building moments, but I’m in a place now where I want to immortalize moments all the time. I’m surrounded by love and genuineness, and although a picture is worth a thousand words, all of mine these days can be summed up with just a few. Love. Genuineness. Redemption. Grace.

And seriousness aside, here is just a taste of the ridiculousness locked away on my phone.

In which I didn't move in time.

In which I didn’t move in time.




In which we were “suh cute” Chris Delia style.




In which I competed with a tree branch.




In which I channeled my inner 13 year old with a coordinated jump.



In which I decided to play ballerina.

In which I decided to play ballerina.




And that’s that.


4 thoughts on “1,000 Words.

  1. I would say that accidental shootings are NOT selfies and they can make for some very interesting compositions like yours above. :)

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