Current Obsessions. Because you’re all dying to know what’s up with me right? (Rhetorical. Completely rhetorical).

The Enneagram. Not only do I want all my friends to take it and tell me their number so I can read about them, but I recently started getting the daily email from the Enneagram Institute and since it’s modified for your specific number, it’s like having a super encourager tell you things every morning. Except sometimes they’re really convicting things and not encouraging at all, but then you’re like “oh, hey I’m becoming more aware” and you’re all encouraged again.

Old Navy Rockstar Jeans. Seriously the best jean I’ve ever invested in. Plus it’s Old Navy which means your investment is like 20% the cost of a normal jean investment. They’re so comfortable it’s like you’re not even wearing pants, which you know is my life dream anyways.

Red hair dye. First I temporarily died my hair Ariel colored, and let me tell you, I felt invincible. Then when I did it permanently I somehow got the same red but for blondes, and since (praise the lamb) I’m not a blonde (I just don’t have the skin tone, people) it only turned my hair a slight shade of red that looked totally natural and almost undetectable. But red is red, and since they call me Ruby at work now I feel obligated to uphold this color indefinitely.

Christmas music. But let’s be real, when am I not obsessed with it? It’s not that I like to rush Christmas here, it’s that I like to listen to Christmas songs year round. Something about the bells maybe? Or that same bass riff in all the songs? Whatever, color me obsessed. Except with Faith Hill, get her out of here. Please.

Daydreaming. I can’t stop. I won’t stop. But fortunately I can catch myself spacing out before I let my mouth hang open; no drooling involved.

What sorts of things are you obsessed with? I’m just dying to know.


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