patient say what?

Patients say the darndest things.

Working at a front desk is way more thrilling than I ever expected it to be. I mean I was in this for the stress-free environment and the opportunity to feel truly competent and successful at the end of the day. Done and Done. The bonus has been getting to talk to people on the phone and by the coffee machine all day. Don’t misunderstand me, I have had many a “uh, sorry boutcha sir, that’s on you” moment, but for the most part patients are really funny.
The other day I had one kind sir who was emphatic about my hair color and how well it fit me. I don’t even think at this point it looks dyed anymore, but he was a big fan of it, so that’s fun; affirmation!
Then yesterday a cowboy/ horse shoe-er taught the hygienist the chorus to Lady Marmalade  (Vouz le vouz couche avec moi se soir) without telling her at all what it meant until right before he left, so I got listen to a 30 minute french lesson where she was asking him if he wanted to sleep with her tonight, then he cackled his way out saying “you gotta have the fun, because some people are just (insert stank face here) and it’s no good in life. You got.tah. have. the. fun.” as he fist bumped me for tricking her into saying all that without knowing.
Once a lady called to move her appointment and ended up talking to me for 30 minutes about her weekend plans with her family that was coming into town and how her husband hadn’t listened to her, but she knew about downtown parking, and when women have intuitions you have to listen but men don’t know that so you end up walking 10 blocks just for a drink and you get a ticket anyways, but that can’t ruin your time at the lake because there are boats and that’s why the appointment has to be moved because you gotta live life while it’s warm out.
And then a precious old lady recently widowed calls to cancel her husband’s appointment because he isn’t here anymore, and you just have to cry on the phone with her for a minute.
I LOVE that I get to see so much humanity here. Every day is so full of every mood and character trait and so many moments ripe with, well, just humanity. People are real and when you’re face-to-face with them all day, a dismissive one followed by a complimenting one followed by a grouchy one followed by a jokester, it starts to mean a lot that each of us are known so fully and wholly.
I used to really struggle with that. I mean who doesn’t at times, but I mean daily, crippling, perspective-changing struggles over the possibility of not being known. It’s sad. And draining. But we are known. Fully. And we are overwhelming loved and wanted. No matter what our personality or character shows us to be. Great mystery. I don’t understand, but I like getting little glimpses into it. And I like lamenting over the coffee company not making everyone’s favorite anymore and laughing with people over wild animals making them late to their appointments. I like this a lot.

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