are you from Tennessee?

((’cause you’re the only 10 I see))

My favorite holidays, in exact and precise order are: My Birthday, Thanksgiving, and VALENTINE’S DAY. A few years ago I started making valentines for my friends because I’m perpetually single it’s a fun thing to do, and it’s a tradition that I plan on continuing until forever. I love a good craft, I love a good pun, I love telling people I love them, and I love love; basically I can’t even handle how excited I get around February. So here’s a few pictures of the fruits of my labor. Glitter. Hearts. Water colours. LOVE IT.



SUPER obsessed with this heart garland made from (yes) book pages and other things. I now have them hanging from multiple corners in my apartment.


And of course a few puns + some watercolours makes for fun fun fun love notes.




so cool how the latte one looks like I spilled A LATTE on it, RIGHT?! (ease up watercolour is hard)

Wish these Downton beauties were my idea, but alas I printed them from here and then eventually glitterfied them.


I also personally love this “British-Emotionally-Repressed” card.

Caution: easily swooned.

Nothing like a good love note, AMIRIGHT? I’m so right.


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