Save Room

We never ate dessert as part of our dinner growing up. We got dessert. We ate sweet things. But never did we finish our dinner so that we could get dessert. So when I got older and started eating out on my own or visiting with friends who did have that tradition, I started hearing a new phrase— “don’t forget to save room for dessert!”

I like that. Take initiative. Make plans. Demonstrate discipline. Go big. Get the pie. But what inevitably happens when the server comes back to the table to ask if you’ve actually saved room for dessert? You say, no, maybe next time. Right? (90% of the time, yes, right.)

I don’t like that. I eat my dessert first. If I want dessert, why would I take the chance of it not being there when I’m ready, or me not having room because I used up all my dessert space with other filling things that I didn’t want as much, or me changing my mind (and most likely having a least one subsequential conversation about how good I bet that chocolate pie was?) If I want dessert, I make sure I eat dessert.

I think there are people who don’t know the practical applications of this principle. People who enjoy what they have, yes. Who cultivate intentions of having good and desirable things, yes. But sometimes I think these people follow timelines created by a culture that doesn’t offer individualized specifications, and by the time they realize and decide what they want, it’s gone. I think sometimes people get so caught up pursuing good things and competing (whether with others or with themselves) in an endless race to be better and more that by the time they stop to evaluate what they really want, they realize they haven’t the room to take it in. And I certainly think that every single day there are people who after changing their mind (because it’s their prerogative) wonder what might’ve been because they were too ___________ to give it a chance.

I think it’s sad.

I don’t want that.

My hope is that I would be someone who is constantly evolving, constantly weeding out things old and unused, things that have become ineffective or impractical, to make room for better things—things that will stretch me, grow me, make me better. I hope that I never become so self-satisfied, not even so engulfed by a passion or project, that I forget to look outside myself, that I forget to let others contribute to…well, to me. I want to make room in real time not theory. I want to live as if this is all I have, this here and now, this hurt and pain and beauty and love. I don’t want to have to make room for good things, for things that I love, I want to have some room ready and waiting, and when those things come along, I want to embrace them, then and there, and enjoy them and treasure them and have no regrets.

Isn’t that what you want too?


when i grow up.

i want to be a muse. i mean i suppose i will just have to settle for being amusing but i really want to be A Muse.

here’s what’s up. mythically speaking, the muses were the greek goddesses who were fortunate enough to make presiding over arts their job. people just said, “Invoke thy aid to my adventurous song”* “help a brother out, muses,” and the muses helped out. ok, ok maybe they didn’t actually do anything, and maybe they aren’t real, but if it was a legitimate career option, i’d be all over that.

and i do in the least want to be inspiring. so even if i don’t make you want to create a song, or a poem, or a painting, i hope i at least make you want to do, and be. (fill in your own blanks; they come after “do” and “be”) and it is in this vein of thought i give you the following:

one of my favorite ted talks, a super sweet slow jam, and an awesome collaborative painting.



by: Dana Woulfe and Kenji Nakayama

*Paradise Lost– John Milton

most cool things i find come from Ted or Booooooom.


Sometimes I get really inspired just as I’m getting all snuggly in bed having fluffed my pillow just right and set my alarm clock, and in those moments I think, “man, I just need to get back up, go (get that laptop)(sketch that out)(reorganize that bookshelf) right now before the moment passes”. But I almost never do. In a good ‘for instance’ I jot down an oddly worded description in an oddly named list in my phone (which is why I have like 27 lists ranging from “look it up” to “practical jokes” to “lessons”) but in a far more common, sad ‘for instance’ I just get real excited and then slowly drift from genius to “hey I think I’m dehydrated, and my back is really begging me for some yoga” and “why can’t I ever remember/care about the weather channel, I’m so tired of wearing cardigans when it’s a million degrees”.

So now that you’ve been given a glimpse into my mind (I honestly don’t know whether to apologize or congratulate you) know that this post itself was conceived during an inspired moment that whilst I was too lazy to venture out of bed for laptop, I certainly felt compelled enough to wear my thumbs out creating a virtual form of accountabilty that I might not forget to share with you, forrealsies, later.

Hold me to it friends, and remind me it’s about…man I already forgot. No worries, it’s gotta be on a list somewhere.


sometimes i think “i wish somebody would just pay me to be funny,” but then i think, “i would have to pay someone to teach me how to be funny first.” that’s when i give up on that plan; the actualization of it would in fact be more expensive than lucrative.



making plans is for the birds; i don’t even know what that means. is that a haiku? empowerment

ok focus. one of my most favorite inspirational blogs is the fossil blog. they always have what i love or am thinking about, and when i saw this post on there, i just haaaad to share. we all know i don’t know what i want to do with my life, but i do know i would love to establish a non-profit, and this one is one of the most inspirational i’ve seen in a while. it’s called 100cameras, and their mission statement states:

100cameras identifies children living in unjust conditions and gives them cameras to document their lives. Their photo narratives are used to raise awareness and capital to meet physical needs and empower sustainable growth within their community.

so these children take pictures and then the organization provides a way for people to buy them, and then ALL of the money goes back to that child in his or her community. they are “empowered,” the consumer gets beautiful (and inexpensive-like $8 inexpensive) art, and the organization finds fulfillment. this is non-profits at their best; i am in love. here are some of the images from the kids:

aren’t they stunning? if you want to read more visit their blog or follow them on facebook or twitter, or just go to their site and buy some prints!

Celebrity[ish] boyfriend round 4

Previously I have shared some of my celebrity boyfriends in the form of a poet, a musician, and an actor. I think the time has come to unveil one of my favorite boyfriends, one that I might even dare to put at the tiptopiest point on my list, and he is a fictional character.

Despite my love of all things Victorian and Jane Austen, it is not Mr. Darcy. (while I am inevitably attracted to and sympathetic for the egotistical, prideful, and narcissistic, there is no one of that kind on my imaginary list of love. No, no Mr. “My good opinion once lost, is lost forever,” I could never love you like I love….

Sherlock Holmes.

He is just the most swoon worthy man to never breathe air that I know. Normally I’d put pictures here, but most of them are only of Robert Downey Jr. (not that he isn’t on my list too, because he is) and the point of Holmes being my literary crush is because I fell in love with text, not an A-list celebrity. So, here’s what I love:

He’s so smart. When he figures stuff out, it’s never on accident, it’s always “Elementary!”
His vocabulary and speech is so legit, I mean eloquent. He says words like “beget” and “abhorrent” and “exceedingly so.”
He’s logical, yet creative. He believes that “when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth”

plus, he’s a little wild, slightly reckless, infinitely inquisitive, and since he exists primarily in my imagination, he’s the most handsome.

hey there Dreamy McDreamerson

I am and will be infinitely intrigued by this Waterhouse painting

I’m still in a dreamy state, so today I’m going to share with you something else I want to do; although, this thing is not a long-term type of endeavor (however cool that might be).

I adore the Victorians, adore them (and their bows and lace and houses and art and hair and literature). Now before I had Dr. Woodworth, I didn’t know a lot about them, nor was I concerned with them (the closest I had gotten to their Age was the 18th Century Comic Novel, and that experience was one of the worst in my life; comic does not mean funny; their humor is not my own), but after delving into some Dickens and Lord Byron [swoon]and all the other fabulous writers of the time, I fell in love. I want to be a Victorian so badly. However, that is not the point of this post; wow, I am such a nerdy English major.

I want to travel in Europe. But I particularly want to visit Great Britain. I’ve talked before of how magical I think it is to own and use things people have owned and used before me, but it’s even more enchanting to imagine walking where my some of my favorite authors have walked and to think about seeing places they saw. Like crazy awesome. I once used this website to research some social themes for a paper I was doing, and I confess, I might have spent the next week reading all the articles they had about everything. (I also might have spent some time swooning on this website, which is dedicated to one of my most favorite authors, and is just as witty and intelligent as I’m sure she would want it to be.)

I daydream about this sort of thing pretty frequently, and in my scheming I happened upon this awesome endeavor. It’s called couchsurfing and it’s so cool. (if you just just heard a shocked gasp followed by cries of protest, don’t worry, it was probably just my mom being appalled after clicking the link and trying to comprehend how I could ever consider staying or traveling with a ‘stranger’) For the record, I didn’t say with certainty I’d do it, but it would undoubtedly be pretty neat. Besides it’s much more appealing than my “go-to-Europe-be-an-au pair” idea that I was so keen on my junior year of college. (you’re right, I still think that could be fun)

Either way, I would probably die of sheer joy if the opportunity for an excursion presented itself. Oh Victorians, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Big City Dreams

I want to be honest with you dear readers, but honestly, sometimes I find there are things I just can’t make myself share. I say this because recently I was asked what I would want to do if I didn’t have any limitations at all, and it was one of those questions that I like to hear other people answer, am intrigued by, but kind of end up blinking a lot and stuttering in response to. There is so much, so very much I would love to do. I would never ever be able to say just one thing definitively. I mean, if I had no limitations, I’d do it all. But that’s absolutely unreasonable, so until “then” (whenever and whatever “then” ends up being) I will share one of the things my heart desires. This video, idea, and man have intrigued and inspired me and accomplishing something like this would be so amazing. Please watch, enjoy, and gain some insight, and maybe eventually I’ll be more comfortable sharing my heart with a faceless and nameless people. (i wouldn’t hold my breath though :)