Delta Rae



I saw these guys at the Hangout Fest in May, and I’ve been on a “play-on-repeat” kind of kick lately. They are so good live, and even though the sound in this live video doesn’t do them near the justice they deserve, you get a good idea of how fun they are on stage. Enjoy :)


And this is just my favorite song of theirs.


Closely followed by this one:



when i grow up.

i want to be a muse. i mean i suppose i will just have to settle for being amusing but i really want to be A Muse.

here’s what’s up. mythically speaking, the muses were the greek goddesses who were fortunate enough to make presiding over arts their job. people just said, “Invoke thy aid to my adventurous song”* “help a brother out, muses,” and the muses helped out. ok, ok maybe they didn’t actually do anything, and maybe they aren’t real, but if it was a legitimate career option, i’d be all over that.

and i do in the least want to be inspiring. so even if i don’t make you want to create a song, or a poem, or a painting, i hope i at least make you want to do, and be. (fill in your own blanks; they come after “do” and “be”) and it is in this vein of thought i give you the following:

one of my favorite ted talks, a super sweet slow jam, and an awesome collaborative painting.



by: Dana Woulfe and Kenji Nakayama

*Paradise Lost– John Milton

most cool things i find come from Ted or Booooooom.

a few of my favorite things.

most of the time I don’t watch t.v. in real time and i just skip the commercials during the shows, so if i happen to find really funny commercials i like to favorite them on the youtube and watch them every day at my own convenience. here are some of the ones that are currently making me laugh out loud. 

i used to be really afraid of her-like as afraid as i am of the Old Navy mannequins, but after this commercial, i cannot get enough of her. the 24 second mark is where the tears start rolling from my eyes.

i don’t even like snickers, but kudos to them because i love aretha franklin and i love this commercial.

also this one: hey future, heyy.

in fact all of these commercials make me die. watch them here.

oh commercials, you are everything i hate about American Culture, but you make me laugh.